Disclaimer Note

This presentation has been prepared on the basis of information obtained from a variety of sources, some of which may be public, as of the specified date. Homestead Success Inc (referred to as ‘HSI’) does not undertake any duty or obligation to update the information. HSI does not make nor give any representation, warranty or guarantee, whether express or implied, that the information contained in this presentation or otherwise supplied to the recipient, at any time by or on behalf of HSI whether in writing or not, relating to the opportunity discussed herein is complete or accurate or that it has been or will be audited or independently verified, or that reasonable care has been taken in compiling, preparing or furnishing the information. This presentation is not intended to be exhaustive and, in particular, may not contain disclosure of all of the risks associated with any opportunity described herein; potential investors must perform their own examination and inspection of any opportunity and information relating to same, and shall rely solely on such examination and investigation and not on this presentation or any materials, statements or information contained herein or otherwise provided. This presentation is not to be construed as investment, tax or legal advice in relation to the relevant subject matter; potential investors must seek their own legal or other professional advice.

This presentation contains forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements, which are subject to numerous risks, uncertainties and assumptions, may include projections of future financial performance, anticipated growth strategies and anticipated trends in the business, the market and otherwise. These statements are only predictions based on current expectations and/or projections about future events, subject to change due to actual results, level of activity, performance or achievements. Any forward-looking statement, including any estimate or forecast, contained in this presentation is not a guaranty, assurance or representation by HSI as to future matters and nothing contained herein should be relied upon as a guaranty, assurance or representation as to future matters.

The projections based on financial and other pro forma data set forth in this presentation were not prepared with a view toward compliance with U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or any other published standards. Projections and other pro forma data are derived from estimates, as of the date of this presentation, based on certain hypothetical assumptions, which are inherently subject to significant business, economic and competitive uncertainties and contingencies. Independent estimates about the future benefits of any opportunity and pro forma data should be developed by investors before any decision is made on whether or not to invest in any opportunity and investors should not rely on the projections and pro forma data contained herein. Summaries of any documents discussed herein are not intended to be comprehensive or all inclusive, but rather only outline some ofthe provisions contained therein and are qualified in their entirety by the actual document to which they relate.

This presentation does not constitute an offer or invitation to make an investment, in any form, in any opportunity discussed herein. It has been prepared for the sole purpose of obtaining indications of interest about a potential opportunity, any investment or commitment in which should only be made upon the basis of the full review, negotiation and execution of full investment information and documentation. This is not an offer of an investment opportunity in any jurisdiction where it is prohibited or where a pre-filing or other action is required. The information in this presentation is confidential and is furnished solely for the purpose of review in connection with the opportunity discussed herein.

The information is not to be used or reproduced for any other purpose or distributed or made available to any other person without the express written consent of HSI This offering is subject to prior placement and withdrawal, change, cancellation or modification, all without notice.

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