1. What is Pearl of the Caribbean development?

POTC stands for “Pearl of the Caribbean”. It is a large-scale integrated development located in Vieux Fort, South of Saint Lucia and 5 minutes away from the Hewanorra International Airport that is currently being upgraded. The development includes commercial & financial centres, entertainment hubs & resorts, world-class hotels, international racing track, renowned education institutions, premier marinas & cruise port, luxury villas and etc.

2. Why is POTC situated in Vieux Fort?

POTC is geographically positioned to be superior in all accessibilities. You can easily reach the main tourist attractions, such as the Pitons, the historic city of Soufriere, Sulfur springs, Diamond waterfalls from where it is located.

3. Which project is built in POTC?

The first phase of the POTC development is the world-class racecourse – the Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club which successfully held its first international race event CECF (Caribbean Equine Cultural Festival) Saint Lucia in December 2019, attended by celebrities, renowned figures and dignitaries from many industries.

4. What is the next phase of POTC?

It commences construction of the Alpina Saint Lucia Hotel, the approved project by CIP Saint Lucia. The Alpina Saint Lucia Hotel will be built to accommodate 240 rooms and house a host of comprehensive facilities. It is set to be the sought-after rest over for global and business travellers as well as tourists.

5. How is POTC different from others? 

It is the largest nation building development in Saint Lucia, the project has huge investment and received support and affirmation from its government.

6. Why choose HSI and our partners?

A one-stop confidential & highly secured service. It is a hassle-free process and you can forgo needless worries of all the additional fees. We make the packages all inclusive!

7. How fast is the application process?

From the moment you submit the application, the passport can be obtained as soon as 56 days. It is currently one of the fastest countries for overseas immigrants to obtain a passport.

8. Is there a cap to the number of applications?

No, but Saint Lucia has only issued around 700 passports since the CIP started. Saint Lucia is stringent with its background checks and hence will actively conduct the checks and processes. This saves us time on reviewing applications. As Saint Lucia’s immigration advantages continue to improve, and new policies being introduced, limitation on its annual number of investors may be imposed.

9. Does the Saint Lucia Immigration have any requirements for the applicant’s occupation? Is a company seal required?

The applicant’s occupation will not affect the application outcome, as long as a document that certifies you with no criminal record is produced by your local police. Some people who do not have a job can also apply. No company seal is required as well.

10. What is the success rate, if any, for the application process of Citizienship by Investment Programme? Is there a refund if unsuccessful?

Except for errors in personal data, the rate is 100%. If the immigration process is unsuccessful, the government fee and various processing fees will not be refunded.

11. Do you assist in the immigration application for non-immediate relatives?

In general, one person applies for 3 generations of immigration. The 3 generations refer to your child’s spouse, parents and siblings. As a non-immediate relative, you need to provide a certificate which proves the connection of relatives. At the same time, the applicant must submit an application separately.

12. Why is a Commonwealth passport such as Saint Lucia’s good?

Free and convenient travel to 150 visa-free countries! Convenient financial operation and legal protection! (The lower court is located in Saint Lucia, and the higher court is located in the UK). Enjoy the 12-year compulsory education system in the Commonwealth, and study in the UK for the first 6 months visa-free.

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