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It has been a successful three-day event at the 2021 Global Summit of Entry and Exit Industry & The Grand Ceremony of Annual Commendation of Guangdong Association. The summit is recognized by the local industry for its excellence, high participation rate, top-quality resources, and unparallel benefits for all its participants. Homestead Success is greatly honored to once again be on stage to present its exclusive nation-building project – the Pearl of the Caribbean, and share its largely popular CIP programs and products with fellow industry players. The objective of Homestead Success has never wavered and maintained its course to build a new frontier through our developments and programs that could benefit clients and agents alike.

Limitless Projects & Opportunities

The Pearl of the Caribbean integrated development project, located in three unique locations in the South of Saint Lucia, is aligned with the national development blueprint of Saint Lucia. The Pearl of the Caribbean is not a singular project but composed of multiple developments such as a homeport with a host of cruise terminal facilities, integrated resorts, retail malls, international racetrack, recreational and entertainment venues, good quality real estates, commercial & financial centers, an education hub and many more. All this will translate to valuable economic benefits to the populace and industries around the region and even the world.

High Commission

Our partners are one of the most important aspects of our business. With that in mind, Homestead Success has strived to put together a commission program that is agent-centric. As an exclusive promoter for the Pearl of the Caribbean, Homestead Success has upheld its motto in bringing about the best CIP products to intermediary agents at the best price, so that agents could, in turn, offer the most cost-effective CIP products to their clients and yet still able to reap high rewards.

Even with the ever-changing market climate, we have continuously ensured that our commission rate to agents is most attractive and competitive amongst the immigration investment programs offered for Saint Lucia. Moreover, any incentives accorded to the development project – POTC is transferred to the agents so they can benefit from it as well. To learn more about this unprecedented commission program, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Unimaginable Prospects

Saint Lucia is an excellent Caribbean country with picturesque scenery, politically stable, and enjoys good economic and cultural exchanges. The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia recently visited Miami to attend the International Cruise Industry Seminar on behalf of the entire Caribbean region. This reflects the country’s standing and prominence within the Caribbean. Saint Lucia possesses good overall development prospects and is poised to become a “Singapore of the Caribbean”. In the 2021 Index of Economic Freedom World Rankings, Saint Lucia is at the top spot among the Caribbean countries. Saint Lucia is also ranked No. 1 globally in the Best CBI rankings for 2021. The prospects are great indeed!

Presently, there are only two developments in Saint Lucia that have obtained the government’s approval to be listed as a Citizenship by Investment through Real Estate, and the Pearl of the Caribbean is one of them. Officially launched last year, the Alpina Saint Lucia Hotel and Alpina Square are currently under construction in the Equine Lagoon site within the Pearl of the Caribbean, where both are only a stone’s throw away from the Hewanorra International Airport. In line with the Saint Lucia government’s plan to transform Vieux Fort into a financial and commercial hub, the numerous projects within the POTC development will see that this is achieved. In the near future, with even more projects springing forth from the Pearl of the Caribbean, the economic growth for the country and the region would be tremendous. And importantly, agents could expect boundless opportunities with the listing of these projects under Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program.

Alpina Saint Lucia Hotel

Alpina Square

The masterplan of the Pearl of the Caribbean also includes the construction of a water theme park.

Currently, the construction of Equine Lagoon in Site A is being carried out. When fully constructed, it will include USD 25 million racetracks, which have been put into use in 2019. A water theme park project that combines entertainment facilities, commercial outlets, and real estate is also in the pipeline. We pride ourselves on our sincerity in forming meaningful partnerships, as such we warmly welcome like-minded agents/partners to join us. Always remember, Homestead Success is the exclusive promoter for the Pearl of the Caribbean, where even the sky is not the limit.

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